Plastic Fantastic Exhibit

One of my new pinhole photographs is included in LightBox Photographic Gallery’s “Plastic Fantastic Show IV.” It was juried by Susan Burnstine. The show runs from June 8th to July 6th, and there appears to be an opening from 6-9 on Saturday, June 8th. In a weird twist of fate I’ve just relocated to Portland, Oregon and will be able to attend the opening, as Astoria is only an hour and a half away.

In a further nod to my budding luddite, these images will never appear on-line, so you’ll have to see them in a show, or in the box in my closet.

photo-eye Book Reviews

Here’s the links to the book reviews I’ve written for photo-eye in Santa Fe, New Mexico:

Photography’s Visual Conservatism

I wrote this in 2010.

Recently I’ve been thinking about the state of contemporary photography. It’s probably related to reading Charlotte Cotton’s “The Photograph as Contemporary Art,” my interview with Tom Barrow, and Brian Steele’s response to the interview. I’m sure it’s also a reaction to my Arid Harvests photos, which are the first I’ve done in over 10 years that have me considering focal lengths, f-stops, film speed, color balance, etc.

The long version of my thought process is that this style of photography is very popular right now: Continue reading “Photography’s Visual Conservatism”