The Analogue Argument

Why it’s worth keeping a darkroom in your high school photography program.

Darkrooms and analogue photography are increasingly being excluded from the photography programs at high schools across the country, usually under the blanket sentiment that they’re old fashioned. I disagree, passionately, and rather than refute the flimsy reasons school districts use to push for darkroom exclusion, I want to highlight their benefits to the secondary education environment and experience. Continue reading “The Analogue Argument”

Photography’s Visual Conservatism

I wrote this in 2010.

Recently I’ve been thinking about the state of contemporary photography. It’s probably related to reading Charlotte Cotton’s “The Photograph as Contemporary Art,” my interview with Tom Barrow, and Brian Steele’s response to the interview. I’m sure it’s also a reaction to my Arid Harvests photos, which are the first I’ve done in over 10 years that have me considering focal lengths, f-stops, film speed, color balance, etc.

The long version of my thought process is that this style of photography is very popular right now: Continue reading “Photography’s Visual Conservatism”