Photography’s Visual Conservatism

I wrote this in 2010.

Recently I’ve been thinking about the state of contemporary photography. It’s probably related to reading Charlotte Cotton’s “The Photograph as Contemporary Art,” my interview with Tom Barrow, and Brian Steele’s response to the interview. I’m sure it’s also a reaction to my Arid Harvests photos, which are the first I’ve done in over 10 years that have me considering focal lengths, f-stops, film speed, color balance, etc.

The long version of my thought process is that this style of photography is very popular right now: Continue reading “Photography’s Visual Conservatism”

Interview with Thomas F Barrow

This interview originally appeared on Finite Foto in July 2010

DO: When revisiting “Inventories & Transformations” I was struck by the strong influence of Pop Art  in your early work.

TB: It was hard not to be influenced by it. It was just revving up and I liked it. And the works of the great artists, Lichtenstein, Warhol, they’re looking better all the time. Warhol was just a really smart guy. They really saw that there is something deeply awry in our culture. I don’t mean predicting the end of the world but waste, greed, it’s all awry.

DO: Tell us a little bit about your work. Continue reading “Interview with Thomas F Barrow”