Other Emphatic Caprices

Other Emphatic Caprices is an in-progress body of work wrestling with the disasters of racism, environmental destruction, concentration of wealth, and the COVID-19 pandemic. The title comes from Francisco Goya’s handwritten title, Fatales consequencias de la sangrienta guerra en España con Buonaparte, Y otros caprichos enfáticos,for the series of prints now known as The Disasters of War.

The artwork is assembled from unique, individually processed pieces of gelatin silver paper. Each piece is created with appropriated news and medical images. The exposure comes by moving a small cabinet scraping plane across the paper to “draw” with light, then each print is chemically mis-processed to force color out of the normally B&W silver paper. This scraping plane is intended to smooth exceptionally difficult, burled wood – its use is a metaphor for exposing and treating complex, deeply rooted tumult.


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