The Hound of Aneirin, Public Beta

I’ve closed the beta requests, but I thank you for your interest.


If you’re reading this, you’re interested in being a “beta reader” for my young adult fantasy novel, The Hound of Aneirin. Thanks! I appreciate it.

Here’s a plot summary, in case you’re not sure:

The Hound of Aneirin is the tale of three young Brodorol, a people slowly dying from an ancient curse. Their only chance to save their clan is to win a new homeland by recovering the golden comb from Kalloc’h, Mother of Boars. They quickly learn that finding the mythical Hound of Aneirin is the only way to defeat the great beast. Thus begins the greatest adventure of their lives as they search out the Hound, and their people’s salvation.

So what is a “beta reader” anyway? It’s someone who reads an early version of book and answers some questions to make the book better before it’s sent around to publishers, or self-published. If you’re willing to read the manuscript and tell me honestly what you think, I’d love to have you read it. I’ll email a file in one of the three formats, along with some beta reader questions. And of course you’ll be in the thank you pages of the book when it’s  finished.

I sincerely appreciate it.


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